Erdogan: Construction of gas pipeline from Black Sea field will be completed in November

Turkish natural resources state-owned company BOTAŞ will complete the construction of a gas pipeline from the Sakarya field offshore the Black Sea by the end of this month, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, Anadolu reported.

“BOTAŞ will also complete the onshore pipeline to connect it to the national system at the end of this month,” he said.

According to the Turkish leader, production from the field is set to start as early as next year. The gas reserves are estimated at 540 billion cubic meters. Erdogan said that at the first stage the first ten wells will produce 10 million cubic meters of gas per day, and when all the planned 40 wells will be put into operation the production will reach 40 million cubic meters a day.

He added that at this rate of infrastructure construction, Sakarya may become the most rapidly put into operation after the discovery of the field.

Sakarya was discovered in 2020. The field is located 150 km from the Turkish coastline on the country’s continental shelf, near the port of Filos. A gas processing plant is under construction there. The construction of the gas pipeline on the bottom of the Black Sea started this June.

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